For the past few months, SeDoMoCha has been recognizing “Students and Staff in the Spotlight” celebrating pupils from kindergarten to grade 8 as well as staff who have been determined to best demonstrate a specific positive attribute or characteristic chosen for the timeframe from the Habits of Mind.

Due to our current gym situation, we are unable to host assemblies at this time, but want to congratulate our February students and staff who were recognized for Creating, Imagining, and Innovating.

SeDoMoCha Students in the Spotlight

Kindergarten: Kyle Killam

Grade 1: Liam Gauthier

Grade 2: Cooper Jay

Grade 3: Alexander Jay

Grade 4: Charissa Ahlquist

Elementary Unified Arts: Lelah Huntley

Grade 5: Corey Goodwin

Grade 6: Liam Reardon

Grade 7: Serenity McCabe

Grade 8: Alexia Poire

Unified Arts: Elliott Laurent

SeDoMoCha Staff in the Spotlight

Ashley Goodine, KIndergarten Teacher

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