Dear SeDoMoCha Families,

So, we have our color designation. Everyone in the state of Maine has been designated as green and we will get an updated designation every two weeks. A green designation means that we can have as many students in the building that we can safely accommodate. Last night, the RSU 68 School Board approved students going back to school in the building and the reopening plan that we have all been working on since May.

Our Green Plan has students in grades PreK-5 in the building every day except for Wednesday afternoon, which will be an early release. This will give our teachers time to work with students that are participating in remote learning. To be able to keep class sizes small (15-16 students), we will need to create additional learning environments for students in grades 1, 2, 4 and 5. It may mean your child will be in a different room. Mr. Gudroe will be sending out a letter next week updating parents with those changes. Students in grades 6-8 will have a hybrid schedule.  Students are being divided into two groups. 50% of the class will attend on Monday and Tuesday and the other 50% will attend on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday mornings will be a time for students to receive additional help and the afternoon will allow time for a deep cleaning and staff to work on connecting with students that need support.

Remote learning will be offered to students with health and safety concerns, elevated health risks or a family member with elevated health risks. Please contact either Mr. Gudroe at or 564-6535 opt. 3 or myself at or 564-6535 opt. 5. We will not need a doctor’s note to participate in remote learning just a conversation with a guardian.

There have been a few changes on personal protective equipment (PPE) from the CDC recently.  Face shields are only allowed with doctor’s notes due to medical conditions such as asthma. Masks or neck gaiters will be the two acceptable face guards. PreK students are no longer required to wear masks. Mask wearing begins in Kindergarten now.

Today is the last day to contact Mrs. Chase about busing for the fall. Her number is 564-3434 ext. 212. We can only have 26 students on a bus and are working very hard to make it all work.  We appreciate all of the families that have offered to transport their child to and from school.

Please read the RSU 68 2020-2021 School Plan to see how both drop-off and pick-up will work.  We are working on putting out a video to show families how they will flow.  And remember, there will be a virtual Open House on September 2.

Please know how much we appreciate your patience as we try to make the best decisions to keep both students and our staff safe. 

All my best,

Stacy Shorey, Superintendent of Schools