Dear RSU 68 Staff and Families,

We have been in-person for ten consecutive weeks! Congratulations to all of our families, staff, and community members for making it possible!  I know that we don’t necessarily have total control over the virus as it is in communities all around us, but a sincere thank you for making sacrifices to help support in-person instruction.  Students continue to do very well with the expectations at school. 

As the holiday season approaches, we need to keep in mind the potential continued sacrifices that need to be made.  I would ask if your family travels for Thanksgiving to a state that is not on the Governor’s list of allowable destinations, that you have your student do remote instruction for two weeks or take a COVID-19 test.  The same can be said if you host a celebration that might provide exposure to a person outside your family’s bubble. Please connect with our school nurse, Mrs. Arcaro, if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for these considerations, and I know how this affects family traditions because personally, it has significantly affected ours as well. 

With appreciation for all of your hard work,
Stacy Shorey
Superintendent of Schools