The Thoreau Club had the opportunity to visit Walden Pond yesterday. Ms. Jolin, one of the club advisors along with Mr. Miller, shared some great pictures and said this about the trip …“Thoreau Club went down to Walden Pond in Concord today. We met with Sarah Walker and Jeff Cramer from The Walden Woods Project. WWP graciously awarded us a transportation grant last fall that allowed us to travel down!

We met with Jeff, the curator of collections at WWP. He did a Q&A discussion with us and showed us around the library. He kindly gifted the kids autographed copies of his annotated The Maine Woods books as well as some posters. He was so impressed to hear about these 8th grade kiddos who have read and engaged with Thoreau’s works, and commended them 🙂

We then journeyed down to the pond with Sarah. We were given a tour of the pond and participated in a guided journaling session, and most excitingly, visited Thoreau’s house site.

After lunch we ventured to the Concord Museum to see many of Thoreau’s belongings, as well as the other amazing exhibits (Native American history, Emerson, and Revolutionary War). We made a quick pit stop at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to visit Henry’s grave and pay him our respects (as well as Emerson’s and the Alcotts) and left them a couple pencils.

A perfect way to wrap up our spring of studying Thoreau! We’re already brainstorming for next year for all the fun learning opportunities to embark on with our students. So grateful for the support of our school to allow us to do this! Teaching dream come true!”