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Spring Sports COVID Guidelines

(Updated at 11:00am, 4/29/2021) – On Tuesday, April 27th, Governor Janet Mills relaxed requirements for wearing face coverings in outdoor settings where proper social and physical distancing can occur. Because of this, SeDoMoCha will no longer require that spectators watching outdoor middle school activities on campus wear face coverings, as long as proper distancing is maintained.The MPA and Maine CDC have also made a change that student-athletes + coaches no longer need to wear masks for outdoor practices or games/events. We will follow MPA guidance on this as well. We ask that spectators continue to stay away from player-only designated areas, and if you are inside our school buildings for any reason, face masks are still required.As guidance changes, we will update our policies accordingly. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your continued support of SeDoMoCha Athletics and our student-athletes. Go Eagles! 

RSU68 will operate in full compliance with Maine Community Sports Guidelines ( According to these guidelines, RSU68 spring sports are classified as moderate risk sports and are currently allowed to operate at levels 1-5 indoors and level 6 outdoors, the highest level of activity. All individuals should measure their body temperature to ensure that no fever is present prior to participating or attending each RSU68 activity. Anyone with symptoms of fever, cough, or worsening respiratory symptoms, or any known exposure to a person with COVID-19 should not attend an RSU68 activity until cleared by a medical professional. Any individual, including players, at risk for severe illness or with serious underlying medical or respiratory conditions should only attend RSU68 spring activities with permission from a medical professional. All players should have the app below on their phone for pre-screening purposes.

Facilities used by RSU68 teams include: SeDo athletic fields, FA track, SeDo school building, bleachers, and spectator standing areas around field. In the interest of the kids and all involved, RSU68 is operating the 2021 spring sports season in compliance with Maine Community Sports and MPA guidelines. Should a player, coach, volunteer or spectator act in a manner that puts compliance in jeopardy, RSU68 administration reserves the right to have that person leave the activity.

Athletes are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use. Hand sanitizer will be placed in common areas off-field for use during RSU68 activities.

All players, coaches, volunteers, umpires/event managers and spectators should practice social distancing of six feet wherever possible from individuals not residing in their household.

Attendance at all RSU68 activities and events will comply with Maine gathering guidelines and limits.

Spectators are asked to bring their own seating. Bleachers may be accessible but social distancing will still be expected for individuals not residing in the same household.


Players and coaches will take measures to prevent all but essential contact necessary to play the game.

No handshakes, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, celebrations, etc.

RSU68 will follow MPA guidelines of raising your hand to the opponent as a sign of good sportsmanship following the contest. Line up on 1st/3rd Base paths respectfully for this.

All athletes, coaches and officials will bring their own personal drink and will take their own containers home afterward for sanitizing and cleaning or use single-use bottles. All drinks must be clearly labeled with the player’s/coach’s/officials’ name.

Athletes will not share any food or snacks.

All players, coaches, officials, spectators will refrain from spitting. No sunflower seeds or gum allowed.

Per Maine Community Sports Guidelines, face coverings are required of all players, coaches, officials, other volunteers, and spectators at all times except when drinking. Failure to comply with this compliance will result in the stoppage of the contest and removal of the violator(s).

Dugouts will not be used for team gatherings. Players will be assigned a designated spot behind the fence line (Backstops) with social distancing recommendations. When not playing in the field or at bat, players must stay in their assigned spot.

Track teams must spread out their team area to align with social distancing guidelines.

RSU68 is requesting that athletes bring and use their own individual glove, bat and helmet if possible. Player’s personal equipment (helmet, bat, glove) should be cleaned and disinfected after each use by a parent/guardian/caretaker at conclusion of the contest when applicable.


Field prep will be done before teams and spectators arrive and after they leave. Shared equipment and common shared surfaces will be sanitized before and after use on a regular basis.

MPA guidelines call for baseballs/softballs to be rotated on a regular basis, at least every two innings, to limit individual contact. There will be one container used for game balls. Home team responsible for game balls.

No spectator should retrieve foul balls, only game participants.

Families/spectators are instructed not to show up to fields more than 15 minutes before game time. Players & families should vacate the field / facility after the game as soon as reasonably possible.

For contact tracing reasons, coaches will record players & coaches in attendance for each RSU68 activity.

Given the unique circumstances we are dealing with, these guidelines are subject to change by the RSU68 administration.



SeDoMoCha Athletic Administration