SeDoMoCha Student-Athletes and Families – As a result of the recent news we have learned regarding the continuation of distance (at home) learning for the remainder of the school year, that unfortunately comes with the news of cancellations to our entire spring sports season for Track, Baseball, and Softball. We understand that this is a difficult concept to wrap our head around at this time, but it is what needs to be done for everyone’s health and overall well-being. Please contact Athletic Director Cam Archer, Athletic Secretary Erin Speed, or Building Principal Adam Gudroe with any questions or concerns regarding the cancellation of our Spring Season. We advise students and families to continue to practice social distancing, but highly encourage not only those who were hoping to be active through participation in a spring sport, but all of our students and their families to exercise and stay active in any way possible. Thank you for your understanding and support to our SeDoMoCha Athletic Programs. Together, we will continue to build great opportunities and experiences for our student-athletes.

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