RSU 68 School Board

School Board Meetings

All School Board meetings are held at SeDoMoCha at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise noted.

Regular, special and emergency meetings of the school board are open to the public. The meetings are not public forum meetings (as are town meetings), but are meetings which are held for the board to conduct its business in public.

Please Note: Meeting agendas can be accessed by clicking on the meeting date on the calendar and then clicking on the link to download school board meeting agenda.

Upcoming Meetings

School Board Members

The RSU 68 School Board consists of nine (9) members who are residents of the towns combining to form the district of RSU 68: Charleston, Monson, Sebec, and Dover-Foxcroft. School Board members are elected at large for three-year terms by all the voters of the member’s respective towns. 


Rebecca Prescott –
Term Expires 2023

Erin McCorrison –
Term Expires 2024


Jennifer Chase (Board Chair) –
Term Expires 2022

Marc Poulin (Vice Chair) –
Term Expires 2022

Joel Pratt –
Term Expires 2024

Tim Smith –
Term Expires 2024

Elisa Schine –
Term Expires 2023

James Pullen –
Term Expires 2023

Mary Downs
Term Expires 2023


The School Board minutes available at this link are for reference purposes only. The actual printed minutes can be viewed at the Superintendent’s Office. If any differences arise between these files and the actual printed document, the printed document takes precedence.



The policies of RSU 68 are framed and are meant to be interpreted in terms of federal and state statutes, rules of the State Board of Education and Department of Education and other regulatory agencies within the local, county, state and federal government.

RSU 68 Policy Handbook

First Reading Policies

DEI Ad Hoc Committee