Mrs. Kim Orff, a concerned parent and nurse, spent a minimum of 5 hours researching and completing literature review on scientific articles until “she was satisfied that [these swabs] are a safe and effective tool to use in our line of defense against COVID-19.” She shared, “If you have any concerns about the safety of the swab, there is no scientific research that shows that using Ethylene Glycol (EG) or Ethylene Oxide (EO) to sterilize the swabs is carcinogenic to humans with dermal contact, as intended for the swabs. The link to EG or EO as a human carcinogen is directly connected to an occupational hazard with long term exposure to the gases used in production of the swab, and those who manufacture the actual EG themselves, i.e., workers, working 8 hour days inhaling a chemical and then it can be an issue.”

Below we have included the SDS sheet and a few articles on how the swabs are sterilized to be used in the medical field.  It is interesting to note that at least 50% of all medical supplies that require a “high level of sterilization” such as band aids and hospital gowns use EG or EO.

Pool testing has been very helpful so far in keeping the number of students that test positive or have to quarantine to a minimum at SeDoMoCha.  We appreciate the research that Mrs. Orff has done that shows the safety of using the swabs.  If you would like to sign up for pool testing, you can do so at this site: and using access code: K15FS5

Articles and Information:

Puritan Medical Blog: Single-Use COVID-19 Testing Swabs do NOT Present a Health Threat

Puritan Medical Blog: How Medical Swabs are Sterilized

WebMD: Special Report on Ethylene Oxide

BinaxNOW COVID-19 Test Device Safety Data Sheet