Who are the people in our neighborhood..in our SeDoMoCha neighborhood? Here is Mrs. Sternal, our awesome crosswalk guard (and our speech teacher in case you didn’t know). You can find her outside in all kinds of weather making sure our kids get in safely with a...

What’s for lunch?

Check out today’s lunch! Shout out to our SeDoMoCha kitchen for giving students an opportunity to try a couple of Maine delicacies! Maine lobster with a fresh Maine apple. Yummo!!

Keep Calm and Go Kayak

Outdoor Club advisor, Mr. Miller, shared, “Thank you to all the parents and administrators for making this activity possible! Another Week of kayaking and we had a guest paddler, Ms Jolin!”

Friday Morning Greeters

FA Football players were busy this morning greeting SeDoMoCha students as they arrived at school and, then, getting a quick workout by helping to move some cabinets at the Superintendent’s Office Building. A big thank you to Coach White and the players! Good...