District News

We want to make sure our students, staff, parents and community members are informed and up-to-date with news, events and important communications in RSU 68. There are several ways you can keep current with what is happening at SeDoMoCha.

Alert Notifications

SeDoMoCha utilizes an automated calling system to contact parents and employees in the event of weather-related cancellations and other important announcements. In order to ensure you receive these messages, it is important to make sure you notify the office of any changes to your contact number. 

When you receive a message from our automated system, you will notice that the number displayed on your Caller ID is 877-565-8456. If a broadcasted message is not received correctly, you can press 1 to replay the message from the beginning. You can also replay the last broadcasted message by dialing 877-564-8456 from the phone on which you received the automated call.

Cancellation announcements are also displayed on the district homepage and Twitter as well as the following television stations: WLBZ 2, WABI 5, WVII 7.

Social Media

You can follow RSU 68 on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and keep up to date with what is going on in Athletics on their Facebook page.


For your elementary news, check out the SES Scoop and the Eagle Update will keep you informed with middle school news.


As always, the SeDoMoCha website is the best place for what’s happening in the district. The Important Communications tab located at the top of the page will be maintained with current health and safety information and you can always check out the News and Information feed on the home page.